Everything behind iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release

What’s new we acquired from Apple during September 2K17 Keynote? There is a lot of topics since it seems to be the company celebrated the tenth iPhone anniversary grand even than rumors and predicted. However, we brought a couple of regarding iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release, that you would love to grab everything at once. Here we without any delay.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release

iPhone 8 features

New design

The 8th iPhone series became a unique an ideal, even apparently similar to prior 7th. But the back panel now comes as in a glass. This is the strongest glass body that ever used in the Smartphone history in accordance with official reports. But the side edge frequently remains stainless steel. Your choice has to roll only among three colors of Gold, Space Gray and Silver.

A11 Bionic chip

The key to the 8th iPhone model now comes as an A11 Bionic chip. As it known to be, this is one of largest modifications between 7th and 8th series. Four high-efficiency cores, 2 high-performances that comes through the 6 core system chip is remarkable. The 2 high-performing cores are great than 25% than A10.

The display as True Tone

The True tone display is a feature that limited for iPad Pro. But now, you can encounter it on your iPhone 8 too. The color temperature of the display which depends on your environment works in accordance with the new True Tone mode.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

Better Cameras

Unquestionably, iDevices are the best from all camera models among Smartphone. And in recent times, they became more demanding. The single camera panel that contained at 8 will be there is dual preparation with 8 Plus that works perfectly with high-class sensors. Moreover, the feature Quad LED True flash that makes your shoot better comes for both.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

Wireless charging

This is one of rumored and fascinated functionality. It simply lets you charge your iDevice without any cable connection from now. The glass back of the newest frame is the major part when it comes to wireless charging. According to reports, this will be able to arrange with whichever charging pad that comes with the specific Qi technological uses. Respective accessories will be available at Mophie and Belkin stores.

iPhone X features

Brand-new design

The design of the iPhone X is amazing and that fully furnished in high-quality than any other. The front of the device just framed that only hold the unfamiliar notch on the top middle. Touch ID sensor, chin area, and the Home key no longer available. Same as the 8th above, the strongest glass frame that covered the back can see there. There are no longer more shades. You can pick up your preference from Silver and Space Gray color models.

The OLED display that comes as 5.8 inches

The display that used in iPhone X entitled Super Retina which is greater than ever. As indicated, that comes in size 5.8 inches and as an OLED. The supportive True Tone will automatically change in accordance with the color temperature of the owner’s surrounding.

  • Pixel density – 458 PPI
  • Resolution – 2436 x 1125

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

A11 Bionic CPU

This feature is same that we discussed above in 8th series. Same technological users and identical performance can be captured through both models.

Rear Cameras with Dual OIS

It now comes vertically. Low light photographs and videos will be better. Thanks to the new design, the flash as well advanced which is a Quad LED true tone.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

Face ID plus TurDepth Cameras

This is one of most talkative features of the iPhone X. With the new model, you do not have any pass code to enter on your iDevice. It will identify your face and unlock features to enter secured panels, Apple pay and so on. In here, it is the TrueDepth Cam that has dot projector, IR camera and flood illuminator which can work together to carry out the functionality.

No Home key

The Home key that you had with iDevice from the very beginning is not there any longer. In simply, there are respective gestures for you to do things instead of the home switch.


This is a unique feature that the company introduced using very own emoji uses. Your messages app will now contain a new app with them. Once you want an enjoyable time, you can hold the phone in front of your face and the animated Animoji will imitate you. So then, you can send it to anyone with an audio play.

Wireless charging

This too is identical to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus above. Thanks to the specific glass cover that used on the back of each device perfectly support wireless charging.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

iOS 11 Golden Master

The iOS 11 Golden Master is the next considerable send-off. Since it has been covered by huge iPhone releases, there are no more than download guides. If you are eligible to upgrade your 64bit iDevice with iOS 11 with specific authentication, you can capture it right away. Files app, all new iPad functionalities, Control panel customizations and moreover are there. As often, the iOS 11 is the already settled firmware of iPhone 8 and X. Its major publication will arrange on 19th September.

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Special facts of iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release

Device release dates

  • iPhone X – Pre-orders scheduled to start on 27th October and the release on 3rd November
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus – Pre orders on 15th September at 12.01 am. As announced its launch will arrange shortly on 22nd September

Price range

  • iPhone 8
  1. 64GB – $699
  2. 256GB – S849
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  1. 64GB – $799
  2. 256GB – $949
  • iPhone X
  1. 64GB – $999
  2. 265GB – $1149

 iOS 11 release date

  • 19th September

KeenLab posted a video for iOS 11 jailbreak

Honestly, it is an admirable surprise having another demonstration for 10.3.2 and 11 beta. Though it appears to be the same demo showcased at Mobile Security conference of the year 2017, the significance is it absolutely responsible by KeenLab against the prior posts of Min Zheng. However, this may be a strong clue for those who sit tight for iOS 11 jailbreak since far. The 8th beta dropped on Monday as an advanced session of the previous 7th. Thus it is clear the major seed is not far from here once Golden Master will arrive in the near future. This is for both remaining for a sharp breakout and the operating system. Here we go.

ios 11 jailbreak

KeenLab to prove iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 jailbreak

As I specified, this video may not that significant if it was not posted by KeenLab. On the account that you may guess that it is identical and nothing to clarify, just watch this out and see how every single species is clear and sharp with the recent.

The video used an iPhone 6 functioning 10.3.2, iPhone 7 with the same firmware and another iPhone 7 with 11 beta. Although it was a couple of months ago, this has been posted in last week. Specified iDevices and firmware order are same to the prior. Anyhow, it recently let fly on YouTube point to Lian Chen. The user can simply commence the procedure using a key labeled “Jailbreak”. And then the operating moves after exploiting the kernel > patching the kernel > bypass AMCC and then over bypass kpp as well. At the end as frequently, the user can get the result whether succeeded or not. So what we preciously expect from jailbreaking as Cydia app store will be able to see on Home as a result of the prior procedure without going after any additional operation.

Is it a clue for the upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak?

It testifies the iPhone running beta 2 take a little long to conclude while two others end their operations before. Anyhow, for this is a kind of an old specification and even still being used the second beta, we do not need to let this remain on the top. Thus, it is uncertain either KeenLab clued for whichever upcoming breakout launch or just posted the older clip as a reminder. Besides they have not wise up about the exploit whether it up until now stay behind or the vulnerability has been patched. For it is the second beta and we have passed totally 8, it would be better keep decisions to future.

ios 11 jailbreak

Update – Beta 8 amendments

The seed dropped on 28th through the build number 15A5368a. As reported, advertisements that have been restored to the App Store and polished appearance are all new alterations and features. And 3D Touch plus Calculator lagging issues are those existing issues that found. Besides, rough notification accessing of iPhone 5S has been stable. And there is no any doubt of its compatible devices for all 64bit ones are already nominated. Anyone who desires this update on their iPhone, iPad or iPod has to confirm their developer membership for further.

By the way, as the only thing we can certainly predict, keep in your mind that Cydia download for 10.2.1 to 10.3.3 must resolve before iOS 11. And even you will have to hang around till September 12th for Apple scheduled a Keynote for 2K17 iPhone proclamations which will also clue about the OS opening.

Jailbreak iOS 11 possibilities behind beta 7

It is another seed of the eleventh iPhone operating system as the seventh developer approach after a week from the prior sixth. The version is now obtainable through Developer center. The build number is 15A5362a came with a couple of slight alterations. Consequently, this has no highlighted features alike prior seeds. However, for official deals being updated day to day, jailbreakers are silent and got less consideration in recent reports.  Though we yet fail to unveil when or else how the jailbreak iOS 11 destination will be, there are few things to be discussed. Since HITBGSEC one of the famed conferences promised for significant unveils related to jailbreak a few months back, stay tuned for it started from yesterday.

jailbreak ios 11

Jailbreak iOS 11 clue during HITBGSEC?

The event proclaimed credit goes to Adam Donenfeld he who was a major security researcher. However, as we make known previously, rumors conveyed that this conference might become the explosion of Cydia download which going to grow into the next huge key. Though it commenced yesterday, there is no any single significant announced for jailbreakers. Even this was rumored to be, Adam just promised for 10.3.1 from the very beginning. But, for at the moment the eleventh OS became the top rated, guess that it will expose at least to a little degree. We hope the story of any certain vulnerability will begin from today onwards.

Jailbreak iOS 11 beta 7?

It is not truly possible to crack the beta 7 and the moment. Although the second seed broke with a private utility and that displayed by KeenLab a few months ago, it is uncertain whether the 11th iOS beta 7 probably have Cydia. For the security barrier getting tough and stable, there is no doubt that paths as well getting thinner and hard. For the 7th seed just dropped yesterday, the 8th beta will release around next week.

jailbreak ios 11

Downgrade tool for 64-bit users

There is a great update notifying that hackers going to let those fellows downgrade to 10.2 remained with 10.3.1. This would be a huge opportunity since it supports to collect yalu102 which is the only topmost breakout at the moment. While 32bit iDevices already have a key to downgrade from any version to another using SHSH2 blob, this is the closest approach for 64bit. However, for it might take few more days, you better follow narrations to put your foot on a proper stage.

Wrapping up

Upgrade to beta 7 through the Dev-center if you already have the membership. The eleventh OS collected considerable updates up to now reposting some of old Cydia tweaks as well to the stock feature list. For the reason that jailbreakers defend vulnerabilities for the eventual exploit, it is hard to acquire conventional depositions. Just stay for another few more betas and that will bring the version to an end on next month. For the most part, 10.3.2 will arrive its landing-place within next couple of days. Let you 64bit iPhone, iPad or iPod touch capture the wondering 17K operating system on coming month. Hope the breakout as well will arrange its path before long.

Download iOS 11 6th developer beta with more changes

Fine as an iOS lover I know now most of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users are greedy to welcome the upcoming eleventh firmware. Of course, this upcoming progressive firmware chapter containing more new adorable features, changes, and improvements. Further, through that, the Company has the concern to enhance the productivity of the iPad devices too. And now attentively they have to reach for their final blockbuster release. Yeah, now the developers can download iOS 11 beta six as the existing latest beta for the test purpose. This has included more changes and fixes. And I think you may wish to know more about it. Well, then here we go.

Download iOS 11

Actually, after the MOSEC 2017, the upcoming 11th iOS chapter has arrested the whole iOS and Cydia community. and within the latest MOSEC 2017, also, demoed about the Cydia iOS 11 possibilities within its first developer only beta. Anyhow, the demo was limited to the conference and after that, there wasn’t any latest update for this. Moreover, now the Apple Company focused to successfully stabilizing their upcoming event by the test versions and we can hope the final chapter in soon. Hence, during the time period hackers also, needs to pay their attention for developing a jailbreak tool for the upcoming chapter.

Download iOS 11 beta 06

Just like I mentioned above Yesterday, the Apple Company has seeded the 6th beta of giant 11th iOS firmware update to developers for testing purposes. Yeah, this was released after one week of the previous test version. So, now the Registered developers can download it from the Apple Developer Center and if they have properly installed the proper configuration profile then can have it over-the-air too. and we can hope an imminent release of the 5th public test version too. Well, As I quoted above within this latest test version they have offered more bug fixes and changes. Therefore, Now let we see what are really inner with the latest test version.


Changes in iOS 11 beta 6

  • Auto brightness features have moved to the display accommodation from Display Brightness
  • Bolder numbers for the Clock icon
  • Control Center turns bluer when you play audio through Bluetooth
  • Display the all phone numbers when you are with a multiparty conference call
  • Family Sharing features related bugs has fixed
  • Fish Live wallpapers have been removed
  • Fixed the Reminder icon bullets correctly again back to the left instead of right
  • Newly designed icons for the App Store and the Map app

Download iOS 11

Path to Jailbreak iOS 11

Fine, normally apple company release their giant firmware update in the MID of September. So, in this time, we can also, guess that it will happen. Actually, it has left nearly one month of the time period for the grand master release. So, now most of the iDevice users are ready to welcome the giant session. But during the time when we turn to the Cydia community, there wasn’t any latest update available after the Keen team Demo. And actually, it was the first developer only beta. after that, there were several test versions available for iOS 11. Aand we can’t accurately guess what will really happen with the final 11th iOS chapter. Anyhow, suppose that hackers may concern their full attention over this update.

Finally, after all of these things need to mention that currently, you haven’t the access to enjoy Cydia with the upcoming event. So, if you have jailbroken the device you can enjoy the latest Cydia apps and tweaks with the device.and be with us to know more facts related to the latest facts from iOS and Cydia world.

Can I download iOS 11 for Cydia?

Saying goodbye to the tenth operating scheme, we are in receipt of prepared to welcome the next big and bold consideration. Noticeably, the impending download iOS 11 has plenty of feature enhancements, modifications, and all new surroundings as well. At the moment, it is just fourth developer beta along with the third public seed hold identical changes for those individuals who enrolled in the Developer program. Files app, Siri explosions, and Control panel modifications and further on will be there in order to make the system better and exciting. Unquestionably, this would be the great for both jailbreak iOS 11 and non-jailbreak users to enjoy the best ever throughout the whole.


Should I download iOS 11?

Installing an updated edition would be great if you are strictly thrilled amendments. For its advanced manner, security, features, and apps either workable swiftly and sharp than early. But, for this is regarding iOS 11 betas, you may not be able to capture things that sharp as you wish. It is clear that third-party developer as well has to create their applications greater to become applicable with. Moreover, this will surely reason for issues during using because of its moving ahead status. And still, there are some of the serious functionalities that even did not drop initially.

Throughout all surroundings, you better be with 10.3.3 which is the recent version stand with stable functions. This has to change if you are a jailbreaker. You may stand there with yalu102 or else any other breakout. It is interesting to hear being with old sessions patiently. For 10.2.1 and all higher ones has no any path to reach Cydia, you will have to remain further.


Can you get closer Cydia from download iOS 11?

For jailbreakers, still, this is just an update which cannot gain true Cydia download at all. And even it is purposeless be holding for a swift break out as we already know there have to spend some weeks till September for the major roll out. Though some of the prior betas had utilities, this hinted to stay for the key role for any considerable detail behind jailbreaking.

Rumors still highlighting Pangu jailbreak and Todesco for something better. For Pangu did not confirm whether they truly decided to say goodbye for jailbreaking, stories will probably write for them. In recent times, Luca as well among shady specifics saying that he once more will expose a path to visit Cydia through 10.3.3. As rumored, seems trial will work well. For it is certain the doorway used yalu102 has been closed, this will bring a brand new key it might spread over 10.3.2 and the rest too.


Winding up

You can now install the beta 4/3 of the eleventh iPhone operating system right away. Go through respective approaches after creating a complete backup using iCloud or iTunes. For 10.2.1 to 10.3.3 and 11 betas have no jailbreak yet, jailbreakers must concern not to grab them for any perseverance. Within a couple of weeks, once the beta array comes to an end, Apple will announce the major public beta to clear out the way for the true big release. Therefore, wish for the impending breakout to be there rapidly and as well a utility for the eleventh too in a short time.

iOS 10 features and jailbreak possibilities

Apple lastly make public the future operating system iOS 10, just three months well ahead on 13th of September 2016. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO take place to bring together iOS 10 moreover saying as the largest issue ever. The company offers users an extensive multiplicity of features, apps and worthwhile facilities on top. By the way, for all unremitting iDevices together with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus welcomed iOS 10 download for a reworked pathway.

ios 10 install

Applicable device list

  • iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6
  • iPod 6 (iPod touch 6th Generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9inch , iPad Pro 9.7inch
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air
  • iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2
  • iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2

Features and app collection

ios 10 lock screen

Lock Screen give the impression of brand new in iOS 10. The well designed Control Center and the Widgets panel, unlock feature as Side to unlock and 3D touch notifications have made it greater. “Raise to wake” is one of remarked features.

ios 10 siri

Siri also one of uses which became more powerful with recent enhancements. Third party app creators able to work in partnership with this, grateful to the newer task Siri SDK. Through this newer function, you can simply ask from Siri to do things even use any corporate third party app.

ios 10 messages

In iOS 10 install, there is a lot to talk around Messages. Digital touch, animations and effects, links, send drawings or written notes are the freshest uses. And also many other innovative effects such as Tapback replies and Emojis to aligned to let you convers excitingly with no let you move away from the very own Apple messages application.

Many familiarizes the Home app of download iOS 10 executes a keen role on behalf of those HomeKit iDevices. Want to get rid from pre-installed apps? iOS 10 is now let you for removing those stock apps that are useless. And the Photos as a frequent use are now designed for easy explorations of snapshots using objects or facial reorganization.

In the other hand, some apps that Apple rearranged in iOS 9.0 such as Apple Music, Maps have transformed into newfangled. Also one of another keener take in are QuickType Keyboard and the Apple Pay which available in the Web.

What’s more?

Hackers aimed at iOS 10

In compliance to some of specific jailbreak particulars, hackers by this time in full swing operational on iOS 10 jailbreak even devoid of bring up iOS 9.3.5. This would be a precious decision for all those jailbreak followers as we guess that they too would please to force the recent than stay with an older. Furthermore, conferring to official news sources, Apple in progress aimed at the succeeding version of iOS 10. In such a condition, hackers will aimed at a rapid reaction through their impending jailbreak iOS 10. The focused team is Pangu download as usually because of their sign at the MOSEC 2016 in July 1st. But it is yet doubt whether which will be the jailbreaker of iOS 10?

ios 10 cydia

Beside iOS 10?

There are many other rumors surrounded install iOS 10 journey. One of them seemed to be very interesting since it talked about an innovative Apple social linkage app. It mainly aimed to hold the feature of video share. All initial and final functions can be expect through this such as record, filter edit and share surrounded by associates. They say that the Company planning to make it easier and charming. Ad that has planned to available in the app store. However, since it is a part of their plan of the year 2016, have its place is not clear whether will be for iOS 10 or iOS 11 on Next September.


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Pangu 8 Jailbreak iOS 8.1

Download pangu 8 1.0.1 for iOS 8.1 is now available for Windows. Jailbreak iOS 8 was first released by Chinese Pangu team after a considerable duration after iOS 8 was released. Pangu 8 jailbreak , the first jailbreak tool released to public is not yet comprised of Cydia download and installation.


Pangu 8 Untethered Jailbreak Compatible Devices

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Retina

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 – Pangu 8 Jailbreak Guide

  1. Disable all the passwords and back up the data
  2. Download Pangu 8
  3. Run pangu 8 1.0.1 and untethered jailbreak iOS 8.1

Video Guide on Pangu 8 Jailbreak iOS 8.1


Pangu 8 download and jailbreak iOS 8.1 is at your own risk.

Pangu 8 jailbreak credits go to Pangu Chinese team for their commitment on jailbreak iOS 8.1

Pangu 8 iOS 8.1 Jailbreak News

Pangu team now has already won jailbreak iOS 8 competitions releasing its iOS 8.1 jailbreak tools for public just a few minute ago. However after a considerable period Pangu 8 jailbreak tool is now available for download comprises of two unique features of restoring iOS device and quick jailbreak button working on auto iOS 8.1 jailbreaks.

pangu 8 jailbreak

But however jailbreak iOS 8.1 with Pangu 8 is still limited to Windows users and Pangu 8 DOWNLOAD  is still a step away from Mac users.

Pangu 8 Jailbreak Compatible iOS

  • iOS 8.0
  • iOS 8.0.1
  • iOS 8.0.2
  • iOS 8.1

Jailbreak iOS 8.1 Compatible Devices

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Retina Mini
  • iPad 1 Gen Mini
  • iPod Touch

although iOS 8.1 jailbreak is available Pangu 8 jailbreak tool still not working with Cydia download and installation for iOS 8.1.

Pangu 8 iOS Jailbreak important factors

  • it is better to backup data
  • deactivate the password before iOS 8.1 jailbreak starts
  • Shut down all Apps running
  • Download latest Firmware is better for iPhone 6 Plus

Pangu 8 jailbreak credits go to Pangu Chinese team for developing and free distributing of iOS 8.1 jailbreak

iOS 8 Update – Jailbreak iOS 8.0.2

Apple released iOS 8 latest version iOS 8.0.2 fir the public after one day releasing iOS 8.0.1. it seems jailbreak iOS 8 is lagging and update iOS 8 is leading. But after releasing iOS 8.0.1 Apple conveyed the public to go back to iOS 8.0 until iOS 8.0.2 leased. Therefor update iPhone 6 plus depends on jailbreak iPhone 6 plus with its iOS 8.

jailbreak iPhone 6 plus

If you have jailbroken iOS 7 for iOS 7.1.2 then you don’t need to update for iOS 8.0.2 to jailbreak iPhone 6 plus. If  you haven’t jaibroken iOS 7 or any version if it then you can update iOS version you posses without being update iOS 8 an issue for jailbreak iOS 8.0.2.

iOS 8 Update Compatible Devices – Jailbreak iOS 8 Compatibility

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 2
  • iPod Touch 5G
  • iPad Touch 3G
  • iPod Touch 2G

But however no one has released a iPhone 6 plus jailbreak tool or any guide to follow. As reported Evad3rs and Pangu are at  a competition to be the first to jailbreak iPhone 6 plus. But it is unclear until now whether they are going to release it after new release of any iDevice.

Keep in touch with us for exclusive jailbreak iPhone 6 Plus news and guides for your iOS 8 powered Device.

iPhone 6 Plus Untethered Jailbreak News

The newly released iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 are still remained unjailbroken. In the history of Apple, it released the thinnest iPhone ever, iPhone 6 plus. Though iPhone 6 released last 10th of September the famous jailbreak tools for iPhone 6 such as evasi0n, Redsn0w, Greenpoison are still trying for iPhone 6 plus untethered jailbreak. iOS 8 also unveiled its features to the world with iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6.  The new features associate with iOS 8 are introducing iOS 8 health app, landscape home screen design, NFC mobile payment system and optical image stabilization.

Pangu8 – Possible Jailbreak iOS 8

jailbreak iPhone 6 plus

However it was reported news on jailbreak iOS 8 beta 2 version was successful. iPhone 6 plus Pangu jailbreak was also rumored sucessful with its updated and modified version. Pangu8 jailbreak iOS8 is believed to be released as soon as possible for jailbreak iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus untethered jailbreak. Further i0n1c, the known jailbreak iOS 8 developers has commented in his twitter page that he was able to install Cydia on iOS 8.

iPhone 6 plus untethered jailbreak allows installing the third party apps in iOS 8 with Cydia for iPhone 6. But still they seem to be far from our hand due to the unexpected delay on jailbreak iOS 8. If iPhone 6 plus untethered jailbreak is available millions of third part apps as well as cracked games can be install on iPhone 6 (plus). Also with jailbreak iPhone 6 plus leads to customize the default apps according to our requirements.

iPhone 6 Plus Untethered Jailbreak – Important Facts


Although a jailbreak iPhone 6 plus or iPhone 6 is available it is better to wait a bit until it is confirmed safer to jailbreak iPhone 6 plus. In addition to that you should be wiser to select the most suitable iPhone 8 jailbreak tool for your iPhone 6 plus. But regardless of what the iOS 8 jailbreak tool, it should be run in administrative settings

As usual it is advised to have a complete backup of the data stored in iPhone 6 plus before the jail breaking begins. On the other hand it is strictly recommend closing all the running apps while untethered jailbreak for iPhone 6 plus proceeds. Otherwise the device may malfunction due to the issues meeting with jail breaking tool and the apps running.

We believe a quick jailbreak iPhone 6 plus will be released as soon as possible. Stay with us for exclusive news and guide on iPhone 6 plus untethered jailbreak.