Complete guide to ChromeCast jailbreak

In my opinion, Chromecast is the way to bring your HDTV into a perfect machine that takes you away from the odd frame to a completely new world of streaming. It is apparently a dongle to connect your device. But its performance cannot measure with its outer shell. When you come to Chromecast jailbreak, it becomes more powerful and stable than previous. If you were there to make sure which is the best between ChromeCast and ATV, let it play as a jailbroken device and bring them all just in one device. You can let your Chrome Cast run a newly designed version of Google TV OS throughout. So we call it jailbreaking.

chromecast jailbreak

Chromecast jailbreak guide

How to prepare?

  • Bring and prepare the Google Chromecast device right away
  • Download and keep the USB Image through a proper link
  • A USB Flash drive. It should be with at least 128 MB space
  • Compile a Micro USB OTG power cable

The procedure

  • Format the arranged flash driver
  • Download and arrange the specific zip file
  • And then extract the file named gtyhacker-chromecast.bin
  • Now, set up the image that you downloaded on your flash drive with syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024
  • Connect the female port of the OTG cable to the flash drive
  • And then connect it to the Chrome cast
  • Press the key of the chrome cast while you plug the power cable at the same time
  • And make sure that there is one on the display on the flashlight as you have to see that the device restart after the kernel has been executed
  • A jailbroken version will perfectly stand instead of your previous version. Make sure that the Chromecast reboot normally

Important: The final part of the jailbreak operation will take several minutes. You must let it process normally without point your finger to change anything. And remember that this process completely renews your Chrome Cast and replace a new version.

Wrapping up

As we clarified, a Chromecast can stand there for you to spend your leisure usefully. It is great in many ways. When it comes to jailbroken, there is more than that. You can easily make the dongle a perfect device with advanced features using jailbreak. And for it is not complicated, anyone can advance the performance of their Chromecast simply using this. Remember to go through patiently since you are dealing with the entire device of your device.

What is Pandora Jailbreak?

We all know that Pandora Lab is a member of popular Alibaba. Those who were in the jailbreak community know the dedication of Alibaba for jailbreaking. However, this is about the proclamation of Pandora Lab about Pandora jailbreak. It was a few years ago when we were looking for a jailbreak for iOS 11.2.1. Moreover, it was about iPhone X which was the hottest device at that time. So we are going to talk about the availability of Pandora jailbreak. Do not hurry to go through the tool. Let’s see how we are going to deal with it?

pandora jailbreak

What is and how to use Pandora jailbreak?

As a simply note, there were clarifications that the tool capable to perfectly perform on iOS 11.2.1. The best part of the report was that it was not a semi-untethered tool and that we have to rearrange when the device reboot or something happens. It means the tool supports jailbreak apps that installed without asking you to rearrange it using your computer. So it was a great detail to note for many current tools that we use stand as semi-untethered. So this was the enormous offer of Alibaba and that called Pandora. Those who are excited about Cydia should know that Pandora can install Cydia too on your device. So you can arrange add-ons on your device once Cydia will be there. As they note about compatible versions, devices running iOS 11.2 to 11.2.1 capable to use it.

By the way, for some reason, the tool did not become a famed one. It should be because they did not decide to set it a public breakout. Even now, Pandora used for researchers and further developments.

Wrapping up

Thanks to developers who worked hard since far for jailbreaking, it was iOS 13.3 as the highest version that capable to deal. We have several tools to be used in various versions. It is important to make sure that there is a tool that can support both device and the running version. Remember that there is no way to use Pandora as a public tool. Developers kept if for further researchers.

By the way, use Electra, Unc0ver, Yalu or whatever compatible tool on your device. If you are with a version without a jailbreak tool, turn for those Cydia alternatives or you can install advanced applications using Cydia Impactor as well. Stay tuned for new releases as soon as possible. 

How to jailbreak Sling TV?

As we all got to know, we could not properly watch and connect with videos, once Dish’s Sling TV arrived. It was one of the reasons that many iPhone users fall for jailbreak. But, there was another trouble for the app could not play videos at all when devices become jailbroken. So, just note that this is a common issue if you fall apart guessing that it is because of your device. But this narration is about the update that fixed the issue completely and let us go through even on our jailbroken devices. Here is everything about how to jailbreak Sling TV?

jailbreak sling tv

How to use jailbreak Sling TV?

As clarified, we are capable to use Sling TV on our iDevices and even watch videos too. But we suggest you jailbreak your device and connect with Sling TV for a better experience. If you worry about the issue that you faced even after jailbreak, do not worry about the update already fixed it and you can connect Sling TV without any single modification even after jailbreak.

It was version 4.0.3 of Sling TV as the first update and that addressed the gather a few years back to patch this trouble.

Sling TV for free

Of course, there is a 7-day free trial that anyone can install on their iPhone or iPad. You can find out the app from Apple App Store. If you are with the latest update, it will not keep you away from watch videos.

But we yet to know if the developer will stop support jailbroken devices in the future. Let us know if you will face such trouble. But apparently, updates will support you no matter whatever condition. You can upgrade it once the first week of the free session is over and check out if it supports you.

Final words

We are in the final chapter of this story. There may be some updates that do not let users to go through once they become jailbroken. It is not just about Sling TV. You may face the same with many other applications too. However, we welcome you all to arrange the free package of Sling TV on your jailbroken device and see if it is perfect on your device. We do not have any further detail about this at this instant. So stay tuned for more info as soon as possible.

Best Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad

Jailbreak is an amazing status that you can come across using a recommended tool and that compatible with your iPhone/iPad and the running iOS version. Thanks to developer those who chase and dedicatedly play their role in the battle between Apple and jailbreakers, we are lucky enough to download Cydia as the world’s largest third-party app store for Apple iOS. You can encounter Cydia tweaks, themes and many stuff throughout. We will narrate a list including a couple of best Cydia tweaks that you must grasp. Here we go.

best cydia tweaks

The list of best Cydia tweaks


I write iFile as the first Cydia Tweak on my best jailbreak apps list. There is no doubt that this is one of the apps that you must install on your device just after jailbreak it. You can use this to manage your files easily by deleting them, add, modify or whatever with a few clicks. It is a very useful app that you must try if you missed it so far.


This is a perfect and interesting app. Just install FaceDown on your device. And then you can simply keep the device on the table by lying its face down to lock it without using a button. This can be used to end phone calls, snooze alarms and so on. If you want to wake up the device, simply pick up the device from the table.

Eclipse 3

Eclipse 3 is an interesting Tweak for those who love to see dark mode on their apps. Although most apps like Messenger give you an option to arrange dark mode on your device, still there are some apps you might love to see with. Thus, install this tweak and bring them all to dark mode.


CallBar is our next suggestion as another interesting and popular feature. Your call will only display on a bar if there is a call during your work on your device. So the entire display will not cover with details of the caller to bother your current task.


This is the next Cydia Tweak and that based on gestures. Arrange gestures using Activator is really supportive and interesting.

Springtomize 3

This is another popular tweak that lets you encounter a couple of features just with one installation. When you have Sprintomize 3, you are free to install several apps to accomplish various features. Just use this to customize the operating system easier than ever. 

How to jailbreak a Samsung Galaxy S4?

Jailbreak is really an interesting term when you know the outcome. The freedom that you will feel after escape from jail will surely be there by letting you use tons of Cydia Tweaks. Though some say that jailbreaking is illegal, it is your device and only yours to save or break. However, since this is about Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad; how great it would be when you are with a jailbroken Android? So this is about how to jailbreak a Samsung Galaxy S4? Will you be able to download Cydia on your Samsung? Here is everything.

root samsung galaxy s4

About jailbreak a Samsung Galaxy S4

There is no doubt that gain more and more advanced apps, tweaks, themes and stuff is our only hope no matter we are with iOS or Android OS. But, the jailbreak is a method that we use on iDevices that running the iPhone operating system. There is no connection between iOS jailbreak and Android. But, Android too has a special method to get rid of restrictions. We call it Android rooting. When a device enters root permission, it can download restricted apps, enhance and expand device possibilities and do more. Like iOS jailbreak, you will not be able to encounter Cydia.

Root Samsung Galaxy S4

If you need to know what are the tools that you can use to bring root permission on your device, here they are. There are many rooting tools offered by Android app developers such as iRoot, Kingoroot, Vroot, Kingroot, Root Genius and more. Most of the rooting tools are free. And they come as one-click rooting tools.

However, some tools are direct APK ones while the rest comes as Windows based tools. When you bring root permission on your device, you can uninstall stock apps, block advertisements, flash custom ROM, boost the device, expand its storage, install paid apps for free and more can easily arrange. Although the operating system gets new updates, there are many that still behind the frame. Thus, the root is the only permission to open them.

Wrapping up

By the way, although some of you might think that root and jailbreak are similar, there is an extensive difference between them. You have to carefully understand that you are with an Android smartphone. You can pick up a rooting tool and then become a rooted user. All those root-only apps can install on your device once you become a rooted user.

Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak

In this post, we are going to talk about how you can arrange personal hotspot tethering on your iDevice completely without jailbreak permission. As we all know, the jailbreak is the key that opens a heap of amazing deals that supports us go through advanced uses. There are Cydia tweaks like Tetherme to arrange personal hotspot tethering for totally free. But, what about those who are without jailbreak? Do they have a way to escape? So this is for all of you. Here we go. Let’s collect true and reliable things behind iPhone tethering without jailbreak.

iphone tethering

iPhone tethering without jailbreak

as we clarified, if you are a jailbreak user, then do not waste your time on this. You have many opportunities out of the frame. But if you are with non-jailbreak users, you must realize that the Apple app store means a place that keeps you far from amazing iDevice compatible apps though being the official dealer. Those apps from outsources surrounded disagreeable conditions of the Apple App Store. But it does not mean they are unsafe or improper. If you find the right one, you are safe and even you can accomplish what you wish as well.

iPhone tethering without jailbreak methods

There are some applications that let you arrange it on your Mac OS X or Windows and help you to tether your device data as a wireless share. Moreover, they will not let your carrier know about that you tether your device. While Cydia tweaks like Tetherme do the same, such outsource tools too can help you through the same way but without asking jailbreak permission from you.

We found an app call Tethering which is an IPA based application offered by Ricky Zhang. This can help you through what you expect though you are not a jailbreaker. This is a great project for those who wish iPhone tethering without jailbreak. You are free from jailbreak permission as the developer realized that still there are non-jailbreak users too those who wish such advanced features.

Final words

As we clarified, there are many features that you too can arrange on your device without any further condition. To bring such advanced features, you do not have to confirm that you are a jailbreak user. Methods like sideload IPA packages let you go through advanced applications. All you have to do is be smart rather than find out certain conditions of your carrier or app developers. 

The truth behind PS4 jailbreak 2019

Those who addict to play games will surely impress when hearing PlayStation 4. We call it PS4 as well. It is one of the popular home video game consoles of the 8th generation and that proudly presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment. We have a lot to talk about its official status. But in this narration, we are going to discuss about one of the most talked topics surrounded PlayStation 4 as ps4 jailbreak 2019. If you wish to gain more and more amazing features on your PS4, this is for you to confirm if there is a method that you can upgrade your beloved PS4.

ps4 jailbreak

How to ps4 jailbreak 2019?

PlayStation 4 was officially launched to the audience in 2014. As known to be, it is the best competitor of Xbox One of Microsoft. As reports testify, PS4 is the 4th most excellent selling console of on all accounts. However, it is time to make it more advanced using a jailbreak tool. Is there a tool that we can use to break PS4?

While I am writing this story, reports say that there is no proper way to escape from the formal frame of PS4 which are with version 5.05. Not any single of devices with versions like 6.70 cannot jailbreak at the moment. In accordance with further clarifications, though developers already got methods to jailbreak devices later version 5.05, not any single of those came to the audience thus far.

Advanced features without ps4 jailbreak 2019

Those who wish to play PS4 with advanced features better try out their official updates. It does not matter you are brave enough to try out a method which yet to confirm. But as e recommend, it is better to stay far from rather than putting your beloved device in a danger. If you were waiting for a replacement for Xbox One of Microsoft, then this is the most excellent that you should not miss for any reason.

ps4 jailbreak

Wrapping up

Jailbreak may be interesting and amazing when you addict and you wish to collect advanced features somehow on your PlayStation 4. But it is important to confirm if there is a true application that you can use rather than take a risk. There is no doubt that you do not have a proper way to escape thus far. Therefore, keep in mind that PS4 jailbreak is yet to become true. It is better simply to stay with formal features until there will be a confirmation.

How to jailbreak Xbox One?

This is for those who need Xbox One as an advanced game than currently. As we all know, it is the home video game console and that proudly introduced by Microsoft as an eighth generational one. Though it was in 2013, even now those who passionately play the game looking for jailbreak Xbox One. So this is for all of them to enjoy while playing one of the world’s trendy home video games. Here is everything you need to know about. Is there any tool that can jailbreak the game? Let’s find out answers for every single thing. Here we go.

jailbreak xbox one

Can I jailbreak Xbox One?

The simple answer is no, you cannot. If you want to run RetroArch and it is the reason you need to jailbreak, just remember that Xbox One is the only game console that did not require its users to be jailbroken to run RetroArch. For that, you can simply set the Xbox into Developer More – MS. So then, it will support this right away without any special requirement.

How to get free jailbreak Xbox games?

First of all, make sure you know what is jailbreaking? The entire process of jailbreak can simply switch the status of a device or software into cracked. So then, users can bring more and more features and performances there.

For this, you do not have to jailbreak Xbox One at all. This says about the Live Gold subscription that you have to purchase in order to collect free games through Xbox. If you decided to buy it monthly, you will have to pay just $9.99. And it will be $59.99 when you need to become a member for the whole year.

If you wonder about Xbox Game Pass, it is the pass that you should have to get over 100 diverse games. And it too can buy just for $9.99 monthly.

jailbreak xbox one

Wrapping up

By the way, it is better to make sure the reliability of the detail that you going to follow before you go through any jailbreak Xbox One method that clarified on the web. There is no doubt that there are many true and false directions everywhere. So beware of your movements. Anyhow, become a premium member of Xbox One will let you reach all you wish through. Payments will be as described above. Let it remain your beloved home video game even with recommended methods.

How to delete Cydia?

What does it mean to delete Cydia from your iPhone or iPad? If any of you need to end your jailbreak journey and bring all those formal status of the iPhone operating system once more, you can delete Cydia and simply make your device a non-jailbreak one. All it takes a few minutes when you know what exactly you have to do. However, when you are with the correct guidance, you can simply and rapidly go back to the stock frame of Apple. In this brief story, we will let you know how to unjailbreak your device without any complications. Here we go.

delete cydia

How to Delete Cydia?

In order to remove things, you installed and changed on your device with jailbreak permission, there should be a perfect unjailbreak method. Of course, there we have a couple of methods that any user can pick up one of them as they prefer. From the very beginning of jailbreak, iTunes was a successful use that turned jailbroken devices back to normal. But what you should remember is that there are a few issues when you are ready to unjailbreak your device. If you need to remove jailbreak status from an older iOS version and still wish to stay at the same place while removing changes related to jailbreak, it is a little risky for iTunes swiftly suggest the latest iOS version to the device. For such serious reasons, we suggest you go through the Cydia impactor/Eraser feature offered by Jay Freeman.

Cydia Eraser is a perfect unjailbreak method that has no flow. It will not set you to the latest iOS version either. So you can simply remove jailbreak changes and remain at the same edition from then as well. And the best part of Cydia eraser is, the system will completely clean during unjailbreak operation and the user will gain a perfectly cleaned handset.

Wrapping up

By the way, we wrote about two popular methods to delete Cydia, that you can go through and find out the best way for you. But of course, there are some other third-party tools offered by developers that you can refer to. In my opinion, use those two methods and you can turn for the rest if you still do not meet the best way. Remember that delete Cydia means you remove jailbreak status and even all that related to it. And everything will set to normal. 

How to watch movies on iPhone for free without jailbreak?

This is for those fellows who wish to watch connect special features but without any condition like jailbreak. There are several remarkable ways for you to play even without jailbreak to bring amazing features and performances. This is one of those for movie lovers. If you are a movie lover, then this is for you. Here is how to watch movies on iPhone for free without jailbreak? There you have third-party applications to simply connect and watch all trending and exciting videos, TV shows and movies. Most of them do not require the user to be jailbroken. Here we go.

watch movies

Watch movies on iPhone for free without jailbreak

Bring your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It does not matter even you are not a jailbreak user thanks to those developers who offered us amazing applications that support even behind restricted conditions of the operating system. MovieBox is one of those well-known apps. You can find out more from the web without any barrier to collect movies you love to watch just for free thanks to those dedicated developers.

Movies on iPhone for free

Of course, there are some apps that you have to become a paid member to watch movies. Though become a member is fair sometimes, it is not when you have free ways to reach all the same collections.

However, if you are a jailbreak user, there is no doubt that you feel it is the best way to watch movies for free on the iPhone. Thus, those who have Cydia can find out advanced movie apps without any doubt. But if you want to become a paid member, there is no any barrier as it is up to the user.

watch movies

Wrapping up

Though they say jailbreak is the key that opens many doorways for iPhone users to enjoy with, of course, we have some other several ways to move through even without jailbreak permission. So we have to find out them if we do not agree with jailbreaking. It is not that complicated when you follow a reliable source. Watch movies for free is not far or complicated when you are with applications like MovieBox. It is everything about a reliable app that supports you to connect with movies when you are not a jailbreak user. There are some further apps like MovieBox that content a heap of TV shows, video clips, trailers and movies just for free.