Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak

In this post, we are going to talk about how you can arrange personal hotspot tethering on your iDevice completely without jailbreak permission. As we all know, the jailbreak is the key that opens a heap of amazing deals that supports us go through advanced uses. There are Cydia tweaks like Tetherme to arrange personal hotspot tethering for totally free. But, what about those who are without jailbreak? Do they have a way to escape? So this is for all of you. Here we go. Let’s collect true and reliable things behind iPhone tethering without jailbreak.

iphone tethering

iPhone tethering without jailbreak

as we clarified, if you are a jailbreak user, then do not waste your time on this. You have many opportunities out of the frame. But if you are with non-jailbreak users, you must realize that the Apple app store means a place that keeps you far from amazing iDevice compatible apps though being the official dealer. Those apps from outsources surrounded disagreeable conditions of the Apple App Store. But it does not mean they are unsafe or improper. If you find the right one, you are safe and even you can accomplish what you wish as well.

iPhone tethering without jailbreak methods

There are some applications that let you arrange it on your Mac OS X or Windows and help you to tether your device data as a wireless share. Moreover, they will not let your carrier know about that you tether your device. While Cydia tweaks like Tetherme do the same, such outsource tools too can help you through the same way but without asking jailbreak permission from you.

We found an app call Tethering which is an IPA based application offered by Ricky Zhang. This can help you through what you expect though you are not a jailbreaker. This is a great project for those who wish iPhone tethering without jailbreak. You are free from jailbreak permission as the developer realized that still there are non-jailbreak users too those who wish such advanced features.

Final words

As we clarified, there are many features that you too can arrange on your device without any further condition. To bring such advanced features, you do not have to confirm that you are a jailbreak user. Methods like sideload IPA packages let you go through advanced applications. All you have to do is be smart rather than find out certain conditions of your carrier or app developers. 

The truth behind PS4 jailbreak 2019

Those who addict to play games will surely impress when hearing PlayStation 4. We call it PS4 as well. It is one of the popular home video game consoles of the 8th generation and that proudly presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment. We have a lot to talk about its official status. But in this narration, we are going to discuss about one of the most talked topics surrounded PlayStation 4 as ps4 jailbreak 2019. If you wish to gain more and more amazing features on your PS4, this is for you to confirm if there is a method that you can upgrade your beloved PS4.

ps4 jailbreak

How to ps4 jailbreak 2019?

PlayStation 4 was officially launched to the audience in 2014. As known to be, it is the best competitor of Xbox One of Microsoft. As reports testify, PS4 is the 4th most excellent selling console of on all accounts. However, it is time to make it more advanced using a jailbreak tool. Is there a tool that we can use to break PS4?

While I am writing this story, reports say that there is no proper way to escape from the formal frame of PS4 which are with version 5.05. Not any single of devices with versions like 6.70 cannot jailbreak at the moment. In accordance with further clarifications, though developers already got methods to jailbreak devices later version 5.05, not any single of those came to the audience thus far.

Advanced features without ps4 jailbreak 2019

Those who wish to play PS4 with advanced features better try out their official updates. It does not matter you are brave enough to try out a method which yet to confirm. But as e recommend, it is better to stay far from rather than putting your beloved device in a danger. If you were waiting for a replacement for Xbox One of Microsoft, then this is the most excellent that you should not miss for any reason.

ps4 jailbreak

Wrapping up

Jailbreak may be interesting and amazing when you addict and you wish to collect advanced features somehow on your PlayStation 4. But it is important to confirm if there is a true application that you can use rather than take a risk. There is no doubt that you do not have a proper way to escape thus far. Therefore, keep in mind that PS4 jailbreak is yet to become true. It is better simply to stay with formal features until there will be a confirmation.

How to jailbreak Xbox One?

This is for those who need Xbox One as an advanced game than currently. As we all know, it is the home video game console and that proudly introduced by Microsoft as an eighth generational one. Though it was in 2013, even now those who passionately play the game looking for jailbreak Xbox One. So this is for all of them to enjoy while playing one of the world’s trendy home video games. Here is everything you need to know about. Is there any tool that can jailbreak the game? Let’s find out answers for every single thing. Here we go.

jailbreak xbox one

Can I jailbreak Xbox One?

The simple answer is no, you cannot. If you want to run RetroArch and it is the reason you need to jailbreak, just remember that Xbox One is the only game console that did not require its users to be jailbroken to run RetroArch. For that, you can simply set the Xbox into Developer More – MS. So then, it will support this right away without any special requirement.

How to get free jailbreak Xbox games?

First of all, make sure you know what is jailbreaking? The entire process of jailbreak can simply switch the status of a device or software into cracked. So then, users can bring more and more features and performances there.

For this, you do not have to jailbreak Xbox One at all. This says about the Live Gold subscription that you have to purchase in order to collect free games through Xbox. If you decided to buy it monthly, you will have to pay just $9.99. And it will be $59.99 when you need to become a member for the whole year.

If you wonder about Xbox Game Pass, it is the pass that you should have to get over 100 diverse games. And it too can buy just for $9.99 monthly.

jailbreak xbox one

Wrapping up

By the way, it is better to make sure the reliability of the detail that you going to follow before you go through any jailbreak Xbox One method that clarified on the web. There is no doubt that there are many true and false directions everywhere. So beware of your movements. Anyhow, become a premium member of Xbox One will let you reach all you wish through. Payments will be as described above. Let it remain your beloved home video game even with recommended methods.

How to delete Cydia?

What does it mean to delete Cydia from your iPhone or iPad? If any of you need to end your jailbreak journey and bring all those formal status of the iPhone operating system once more, you can delete Cydia and simply make your device a non-jailbreak one. All it takes a few minutes when you know what exactly you have to do. However, when you are with the correct guidance, you can simply and rapidly go back to the stock frame of Apple. In this brief story, we will let you know how to unjailbreak your device without any complications. Here we go.

delete cydia

How to Delete Cydia?

In order to remove things, you installed and changed on your device with jailbreak permission, there should be a perfect unjailbreak method. Of course, there we have a couple of methods that any user can pick up one of them as they prefer. From the very beginning of jailbreak, iTunes was a successful use that turned jailbroken devices back to normal. But what you should remember is that there are a few issues when you are ready to unjailbreak your device. If you need to remove jailbreak status from an older iOS version and still wish to stay at the same place while removing changes related to jailbreak, it is a little risky for iTunes swiftly suggest the latest iOS version to the device. For such serious reasons, we suggest you go through the Cydia impactor/Eraser feature offered by Jay Freeman.

Cydia Eraser is a perfect unjailbreak method that has no flow. It will not set you to the latest iOS version either. So you can simply remove jailbreak changes and remain at the same edition from then as well. And the best part of Cydia eraser is, the system will completely clean during unjailbreak operation and the user will gain a perfectly cleaned handset.

Wrapping up

By the way, we wrote about two popular methods to delete Cydia, that you can go through and find out the best way for you. But of course, there are some other third-party tools offered by developers that you can refer to. In my opinion, use those two methods and you can turn for the rest if you still do not meet the best way. Remember that delete Cydia means you remove jailbreak status and even all that related to it. And everything will set to normal. 

How to watch movies on iPhone for free without jailbreak?

This is for those fellows who wish to watch connect special features but without any condition like jailbreak. There are several remarkable ways for you to play even without jailbreak to bring amazing features and performances. This is one of those for movie lovers. If you are a movie lover, then this is for you. Here is how to watch movies on iPhone for free without jailbreak? There you have third-party applications to simply connect and watch all trending and exciting videos, TV shows and movies. Most of them do not require the user to be jailbroken. Here we go.

watch movies

Watch movies on iPhone for free without jailbreak

Bring your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It does not matter even you are not a jailbreak user thanks to those developers who offered us amazing applications that support even behind restricted conditions of the operating system. MovieBox is one of those well-known apps. You can find out more from the web without any barrier to collect movies you love to watch just for free thanks to those dedicated developers.

Movies on iPhone for free

Of course, there are some apps that you have to become a paid member to watch movies. Though become a member is fair sometimes, it is not when you have free ways to reach all the same collections.

However, if you are a jailbreak user, there is no doubt that you feel it is the best way to watch movies for free on the iPhone. Thus, those who have Cydia can find out advanced movie apps without any doubt. But if you want to become a paid member, there is no any barrier as it is up to the user.

watch movies

Wrapping up

Though they say jailbreak is the key that opens many doorways for iPhone users to enjoy with, of course, we have some other several ways to move through even without jailbreak permission. So we have to find out them if we do not agree with jailbreaking. It is not that complicated when you follow a reliable source. Watch movies for free is not far or complicated when you are with applications like MovieBox. It is everything about a reliable app that supports you to connect with movies when you are not a jailbreak user. There are some further apps like MovieBox that content a heap of TV shows, video clips, trailers and movies just for free.

How jailbreakers will release jailbreak iOS 13?

We are glad to inform you that the well-known young hacker Luca Todesco is back with a new breakout call Checkra1n. It is the jailbreak iOS 13 that everyone excited for. This is one of the significant jailbreak tools in history because of a couple of details that surrounded. You too will realize why it became such a noteworthy chapter throughout this narration. If you are still with iOS 12 versions and jailbroken with Chimera or Unc0ver, do not hurry to upgrade for you cannot sign in iOS 13 at the moment.

jailbreak ios 13

Checkm8 exploit for jailbreak iOS 13?

Checkm8 is an exploit that we were talking about for a couple of weeks. It was researcher Aix0mX as the one who proclaimed that there is such exploit with A5 to A11 hardware parts of those devices including iPhone X. So the most significant part is that the exploit he showcased is not what we always chase. It cannot repair with a software patch for it is about the hardware part that specified. For that reason, we are not afraid of a rapid patch of Apple. It will take a couple of years to completely say goodbye to those devices with the exploit and that even support to develop a new jailbreak tool.

Jailbreak iOS 13 with Cydia on your iDevice

If you were a jailbreaker, there is no doubt that you know it is jailbreak as the only pathway to download Cydia on your iDevice. Since you do not have such a tool for iOS 13 or later, there is nothing you can do to have Cydia on your hand. For that reason, you better do not try to go through any special Cydia arrangement until there is a reliable direction.

jailbreak ios 13

Final words

With the Chera1n tool, we will be able to perfectly jailbreak, devices running iOS 13. Moreover, Cydia download as well is not far from when we have a tool to break the security wall. However, it is iOS 13.2 as the next vast release of Apple. So we have to carefully remain for the next jailbreak as we cannot remain for a long for the 13th version array slowly getting broad. At this moment, we do not know completely about of the upcoming jailbreak tool. So we ask you all to patiently stay there till we get a reliable direction. Until then, Unc0ver and Chimera will help you to play Cydia. 

iOS 13 jailbreak – How to be prepared?

We are here today with iOS 13 jailbreak to ask you all to be prepared for. Since there is no proper utility thus far, we are excited for hackers to proclaim something interesting. It will be iOS 13.2 as the next major release of Apple expanding the long version array which does not have jailbreak thus far. But in accordance with reports that clarify we will be able to close it within a few weeks, let’s see how things going on.

ios 13 jailbreak

iOS 13 jailbreak using Unc0ver

How great it will be if the current Unc0ver tool will expand its capabilities up to iOS 13. At this moment, it can only support up to iOS 12.4. So it means you have to patiently stay there until a proper clue will update.

However, you may wish to see a positive detail from Unc0ver developer Pwn20wnd, about the possibility of jailbreak iOS 13. Although Pwn20wnd said that Cydia perfectly work with iOS 13 but there should be an update of Cydia substrate, we are excited to see them with a new release in the nearly future.

iOS 13 jailbreak for Cydia

Of course, we have Cydia alternatives that can play no matter you do not have jailbreak permission. But for they are not complete and even we cannot reach tweaks properly, having true Cydia is important. While I am writing this, Cydia too can only arrange for devices that capable to turn into jailbroken. So if you are with 12.4 or previous, then there is nothing to worry about. Stay there till jailbreakers promise that they can arrange a new tool that supports iOS 13 and later. As we are just previous to 13.2, there are a few versions already in the list of non-jailbreak to bring to an end. You can play Chimera and Unc0ver to go through Cydia uses rather than waste your precious time.

ios 13 jailbreak

Final words

We cannot let you upgrade the device to those versions without jailbreak tools. So remember still it is iOS 12.4 as the highest version that hackers capable to let users collect Cydia throughout. All the higher sessions starting from iOS 12.4.1 are not breakable versions that we can enjoy with. And even, recent reports noted that hackers already have possible exploits that will use to develop a new jailbreak tool as soon as possible. So what we can do until then is remain patiently and stay closer to hackers to greet the breakout once it releases to the audience.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak and everything you should know

It is great to start another story of a new version to the 13th iPhone OS as iOS 13.2 with fixes and enrichments. We only have a few to move through at the moment because it is just a beta at the moment. For becoming the third major version of the chain, iOS 13.2 jailbreak too will not that easy to puzzle out. But it does not mean that we can never. Until hackers confirm that they are ready to drop a public application for those who chase them, we cannot confirm how things will go on. If you need further, check this out.

ios 13.2 jailbreak

iOS 13.2 jailbreak release date

First of all, you better remember that 13.2 is a beta version that should come into view as a public version to encounter its jailbreak tool. So we do not know when we will capable to welcome its public arrangement? With such surrounding, how we can let you know the release date of its jailbreak. Moreover, there is no single evidence that proves the jailbreak possibility of 13.2. So we have more to go without just predicting things when we do not have any proper direction.

Download Cydia using iOS 13.2 jailbreak

We are glad to let you know that jailbreakers will endure Cydia and Sileo uses though Jay Freeman will not work behind Cydia substrate updates any longer. Of course, there may be Sileo too for users who are interested in jailbreaking if the developer will agree to expand the app for future jailbreak releases as well. Although we do not have a proper jailbreak iOS 13.2 at the moment, we guess hackers will not that easily give up though Apple got high-security features behind the 13th operating system.

ios 13.2 jailbreak

Final words

At the end of the story, you should realize what are the certain versions that you can go through with Cydia? It is important to get to know that the two public jailbreak tools that we know as Unc0ver and Chimera cannot support 12.4.1 and later because of high security arrangements. And even for versions up to 13.1 cannot downgrade their devices, those who are already upgraded and wish to upgrade will never be able to return to those current jailbroken chapters. At this moment, iOS 12.4 and prior are the safe ones to stay and never try to escape until the later ones will confirm their possibility of jailbreak.

Updates on iOS 13.1.1 Jailbreak

If you are into jailbreaking no matter what you have given by Apple, you must be a fan around iOS 13.1.1jailbreak. In fact, the recent news in the community is “checkm8” which has proven possible on iPhone X running iOS 13.1.1. Although we are not confirmed about a new tool release, this could possibly lead to a new update into the community. So let us take a quick look at everything around checkm8 exploit.

iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak

About checkm8 exploit

Checkm8 is an exploit revealed out to the public by developer @Axi0mX. This is very special as it is the first bootrom exploit released to the public after 2010. As to the records, checkm8 exploits work on a wide range of device models starting from iPhone to iPhone X. And as with Axi0mX’s recent tweet, he has successfully discovered jailbreak on iPhone X running iOS 13.1.1. And all these have happened just in a few seconds after it has come in the verbose boot screen. So this is fairly a powerful piece of work by the developer showing iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak support.

All updates on iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak

One of the significant facts about the Checkm8 exploit is its bootrom nature. So Apple cannot easily patch the exploit with another software update over iOS 13.1.1. If they want that to happen, they should recall all the devices and apply a hardware update on all the devices which is obviously impossible. In that way, checkm8 is a big opportunity for jailbreak developers to keep on working for a new tool release. And as been announced to the public, it is open for all the developers to work. Simply the exploit guarantees the jailbreak ability on the latest iOS 13.1.1 Apple now signs.

iOS updates: Apple has recently updated iOS 13.1.2 to the public together with iPad OS 13.1.2. The update focuses more on bug fixes and bringing a better overall performance on the Apple device

What will you find in iOS jailbreak ahead?

As for the moment, iOS 12.4 is the latest jailbreakable firmware thanks to both Chimera and Unc0ver jailbreak tools. And with notice all the updates so far, we could expect something better in the coming days especially in focused the new checkm8 exploit by Axi0mX. So if you want to be a part of the jailbreak story, you can still hold on with hopes. And soon once we get something new, we will write back to you soon. But make sure you stay on the lowest possible as it could increase the chance of jailbreak.

Get ready to welcome iOS 13 jailbreak

We are just a couple of days prior to iOS 13. So it is just the Golden Master version which is the final public beta release just before the major arrangement of a vast iOS version. So there are many reports about features, performances and even about the security frame as well that will safely bring the operating system for those 64-bit devices including recently proclaimed iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. However, we are here to let everyone know about iOS 13 jailbreak. Of course, it is a little bit different topic from usual once that we currently pass. But as it is time to turn the page, here we go through what we presently have.

iOS 13 jailbreak updates and news

While I am writing this, there are two separated tools for jailbreak users from famed developers known as Pwn20wnd and CoolStar. But they are for iOS 12.4 and earlier ones that cannot support us when we are with 12.4 or iOS 13. Therefore, we all wish to see a completely new jailbreak tool to break the wall of the 13th huge iOS wall.

Apart from a couple of rumors and possible confirmation of Luca Todesco about the 8th beta of the 13, there is no other recent detail that we can capture.

How to prepare for iOS 13 jailbreak?

Surround shady directions, you may guess how you can be prepared for the breakout of iOS 13. In my opinion, it is not good to upgrade if you think that the 13th OS is the best to install on your iDevice. There is no doubt that you already collected Unc0ver or Chimera while remaining with 12.4 and recommended versions. But we do not know when and how the 13th iPhone OS will break. Let your ears collect the approaching breakout on time. As we do not know about the release certainly, stay with what you have.

ios 13 jailbreak

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that jailbreak iOS 13 is a considerable topic once hackers start to unveil what they have. Because of rumors and reliable reports, we know that the frame of the 13th iPhone operating system too has applicable security holes through it is known as the advanced OS ever. Therefore, all we have to remind you are to stay patiently will help you to catch the breakout on time. If you hurry to upgrade the device, it may keep you for a long till a proper breakout will come to the spectators.