How to jailbreak iPhone XS Max?

Want to jailbreak iPhone XS Max? Here is everything you should know. Jailbreak whatever device running whatever iOS version is not that easy for you should make sure there is a compatible public tool. Although you may get to know there is a possible way, having a public tool is important. If you wish to jailbreak your beloved iPhone XS Max, you have to find out the very own application and that available for your device model.

jailbreak iphone xs max

Jailbreak iPhone XS Max

It was 2018 that we welcomed the device to the public starting with iOS 12. And now, it is been two years and we are getting ready to go through iOS 14 as well. Thus, all those tools that we passed so far will support you to bring Cydia on your device without any barrier.

In recent times, it was Unc0ver jailbreak that comes as the compatible utility for iPhone XS Max running iOS 13. Though we had Checkra1n as the first jailbreak of iOS 13, it could not support devices with advanced hardware uses after iPhone X. Thus, even at this moment, it is Unc0ver as the only application that you have to apply for the 13th OS. But, there is one more thing. If you are with iOS 13.5.1 or alter, unfortunately, Unc0ver could not update their tool after Apple patches the security hole.

Download iOS 14 for iPhone XS Max

If you wish to download iOS 14 on your iPhone XS Max, it is better to stay tuned. There will be several beta versions and end all of them with the Golden Master beta. And then the major version will drop to the audience. But remember that there is no evidence either and that confirms the possibility of iPhone XS Max jailbreak. But Checkra1n proved that their tool will be able to upgrade to iOS 14 too. If you are with an iPhone X or lower, you will lucky enough to capture them.

Wrapping up

Jailbreak iDevices is an interesting story when you follow accurate directions and know where you should go. Users with iPhone XS Max and the other after iPhone X better to stay away from versions after iOS 13.5.1 for they still do not have a proper jailbreak tool for devices away from A5 to A11. However, for we already started the journey of iOS 14, let’s patiently stay there until a perfect direction will uncover.

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