How to jailbreak a Samsung Galaxy S4?

Jailbreak is really an interesting term when you know the outcome. The freedom that you will feel after escape from jail will surely be there by letting you use tons of Cydia Tweaks. Though some say that jailbreaking is illegal, it is your device and only yours to save or break. However, since this is about Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad; how great it would be when you are with a jailbroken Android? So this is about how to jailbreak a Samsung Galaxy S4? Will you be able to download Cydia on your Samsung? Here is everything.

root samsung galaxy s4

About jailbreak a Samsung Galaxy S4

There is no doubt that gain more and more advanced apps, tweaks, themes and stuff is our only hope no matter we are with iOS or Android OS. But, the jailbreak is a method that we use on iDevices that running the iPhone operating system. There is no connection between iOS jailbreak and Android. But, Android too has a special method to get rid of restrictions. We call it Android rooting. When a device enters root permission, it can download restricted apps, enhance and expand device possibilities and do more. Like iOS jailbreak, you will not be able to encounter Cydia.

Root Samsung Galaxy S4

If you need to know what are the tools that you can use to bring root permission on your device, here they are. There are many rooting tools offered by Android app developers such as iRoot, Kingoroot, Vroot, Kingroot, Root Genius and more. Most of the rooting tools are free. And they come as one-click rooting tools.

However, some tools are direct APK ones while the rest comes as Windows based tools. When you bring root permission on your device, you can uninstall stock apps, block advertisements, flash custom ROM, boost the device, expand its storage, install paid apps for free and more can easily arrange. Although the operating system gets new updates, there are many that still behind the frame. Thus, the root is the only permission to open them.

Wrapping up

By the way, although some of you might think that root and jailbreak are similar, there is an extensive difference between them. You have to carefully understand that you are with an Android smartphone. You can pick up a rooting tool and then become a rooted user. All those root-only apps can install on your device once you become a rooted user.

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