How to jailbreak Sling TV?

As we all got to know, we could not properly watch and connect with videos, once Dish’s Sling TV arrived. It was one of the reasons that many iPhone users fall for jailbreak. But, there was another trouble for the app could not play videos at all when devices become jailbroken. So, just note that this is a common issue if you fall apart guessing that it is because of your device. But this narration is about the update that fixed the issue completely and let us go through even on our jailbroken devices. Here is everything about how to jailbreak Sling TV?

jailbreak sling tv

How to use jailbreak Sling TV?

As clarified, we are capable to use Sling TV on our iDevices and even watch videos too. But we suggest you jailbreak your device and connect with Sling TV for a better experience. If you worry about the issue that you faced even after jailbreak, do not worry about the update already fixed it and you can connect Sling TV without any single modification even after jailbreak.

It was version 4.0.3 of Sling TV as the first update and that addressed the gather a few years back to patch this trouble.

Sling TV for free

Of course, there is a 7-day free trial that anyone can install on their iPhone or iPad. You can find out the app from Apple App Store. If you are with the latest update, it will not keep you away from watch videos.

But we yet to know if the developer will stop support jailbroken devices in the future. Let us know if you will face such trouble. But apparently, updates will support you no matter whatever condition. You can upgrade it once the first week of the free session is over and check out if it supports you.

Final words

We are in the final chapter of this story. There may be some updates that do not let users to go through once they become jailbroken. It is not just about Sling TV. You may face the same with many other applications too. However, we welcome you all to arrange the free package of Sling TV on your jailbroken device and see if it is perfect on your device. We do not have any further detail about this at this instant. So stay tuned for more info as soon as possible.

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