Free iPhone tethering without jailbreak

In this post, we are going to talk about how you can arrange personal hotspot tethering on your iDevice completely without jailbreak permission. As we all know, the jailbreak is the key that opens a heap of amazing deals that supports us go through advanced uses. There are Cydia tweaks like Tetherme to arrange personal hotspot tethering for totally free. But, what about those who are without jailbreak? Do they have a way to escape? So this is for all of you. Here we go. Let’s collect true and reliable things behind iPhone tethering without jailbreak.

iphone tethering

iPhone tethering without jailbreak

as we clarified, if you are a jailbreak user, then do not waste your time on this. You have many opportunities out of the frame. But if you are with non-jailbreak users, you must realize that the Apple app store means a place that keeps you far from amazing iDevice compatible apps though being the official dealer. Those apps from outsources surrounded disagreeable conditions of the Apple App Store. But it does not mean they are unsafe or improper. If you find the right one, you are safe and even you can accomplish what you wish as well.

iPhone tethering without jailbreak methods

There are some applications that let you arrange it on your Mac OS X or Windows and help you to tether your device data as a wireless share. Moreover, they will not let your carrier know about that you tether your device. While Cydia tweaks like Tetherme do the same, such outsource tools too can help you through the same way but without asking jailbreak permission from you.

We found an app call Tethering which is an IPA based application offered by Ricky Zhang. This can help you through what you expect though you are not a jailbreaker. This is a great project for those who wish iPhone tethering without jailbreak. You are free from jailbreak permission as the developer realized that still there are non-jailbreak users too those who wish such advanced features.

Final words

As we clarified, there are many features that you too can arrange on your device without any further condition. To bring such advanced features, you do not have to confirm that you are a jailbreak user. Methods like sideload IPA packages let you go through advanced applications. All you have to do is be smart rather than find out certain conditions of your carrier or app developers. 

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