iOS 13 jailbreak – How to be prepared?

We are here today with iOS 13 jailbreak to ask you all to be prepared for. Since there is no proper utility thus far, we are excited for hackers to proclaim something interesting. It will be iOS 13.2 as the next major release of Apple expanding the long version array which does not have jailbreak thus far. But in accordance with reports that clarify we will be able to close it within a few weeks, let’s see how things going on.

ios 13 jailbreak

iOS 13 jailbreak using Unc0ver

How great it will be if the current Unc0ver tool will expand its capabilities up to iOS 13. At this moment, it can only support up to iOS 12.4. So it means you have to patiently stay there until a proper clue will update.

However, you may wish to see a positive detail from Unc0ver developer Pwn20wnd, about the possibility of jailbreak iOS 13. Although Pwn20wnd said that Cydia perfectly work with iOS 13 but there should be an update of Cydia substrate, we are excited to see them with a new release in the nearly future.

iOS 13 jailbreak for Cydia

Of course, we have Cydia alternatives that can play no matter you do not have jailbreak permission. But for they are not complete and even we cannot reach tweaks properly, having true Cydia is important. While I am writing this, Cydia too can only arrange for devices that capable to turn into jailbroken. So if you are with 12.4 or previous, then there is nothing to worry about. Stay there till jailbreakers promise that they can arrange a new tool that supports iOS 13 and later. As we are just previous to 13.2, there are a few versions already in the list of non-jailbreak to bring to an end. You can play Chimera and Unc0ver to go through Cydia uses rather than waste your precious time.

ios 13 jailbreak

Final words

We cannot let you upgrade the device to those versions without jailbreak tools. So remember still it is iOS 12.4 as the highest version that hackers capable to let users collect Cydia throughout. All the higher sessions starting from iOS 12.4.1 are not breakable versions that we can enjoy with. And even, recent reports noted that hackers already have possible exploits that will use to develop a new jailbreak tool as soon as possible. So what we can do until then is remain patiently and stay closer to hackers to greet the breakout once it releases to the audience.