How to download Cydia using iOS 12.4 jailbreak?

It is been a couple of weeks from the freshest beta release of iOS 12.4. At the moment it is the third beta hinting that Apple decided to offer it as a public version as soon as possible. It seems this is going to turn into one of the concluding versions of iOS 12.0. As we are slowly getting closer to the commencing moment of the 12th iPhone OS, the previous array will not remain that long. However, surrounding official things, we have to navigate to its iOS 12.4 jailbreak possibilities as well. As it appears, we cannot that easily resolve that topic for recent updates that reached the audience. If you missed previous Cydia download opportunities, check Cydia guru for reliable reports.

ios 12.4 jailbreak

What’s new with iOS 12.4?

At the moment, it is just a testing version that registered developers can only enter through OTA method or else using Dev center entries. In accordance with reports of experts, 12.4 is the version that Apple decided to set Apple Card in this summer. But even up to now, we do not have any proper direction related to. But as we expect, 12.4 will be there in the audience before WWDC that going to hold on 3rd June this year. But for the company did not proclaimed yet, we are not going to confirm its release date or anything else here.

Possibilities of iOS 12.4 jailbreak

So this is about what hackers dropped about jailbreaking behind 12.4. For it is the fourth major chapter of the story, it became an important part from both official and jailbreak. At the moment, there are just few points to collect even from Apple regarding the new frame that going to set to the OS. But there is no doubt about the advanced security uses that applied.

However, we checked reliable reports if there is any demonstration or a clue from hackers to confirm its possibility. Unfortunately, it was KeenLab’s demo regarding 12.1.3 to 12.2 video that we gone through a few weeks back. So there is no any proper evidence to make certain that 12.4 as well contain jailbreakable keys.

Predictions and rumors for iOS 12.4 jailbreak

We turned the page to check out if there is any good prediction or a rumor to collect. But, it is a pity for there is nothing we could go through. In my opinion, we have to follow current directions though they are shady until there will be a reliable direction.

ios 12.4 jailbreak

Wrapping up

Those who are looking for a new deal from hackers can turn to the page that clarified Unc0ver 3.0 and Chimera. Though at the moment they only capable to support you up to 12.1.2, we hope there will be proper details for 12.4 and those non-jailbreak versions too. But thus far, we do not have further points except the demonstration of KeenLab for 12.1.3 – 12.2 at least to confirm that they got proper uses to develop a jailbreak tool in future.