Exciting new features of iOS 14

We are glad to bring you the newest iOS 14 and that Apple finally unwrapped as the operating system of the year. There are amazing features, enhancements and security updates that will be on your hands from now onwards. But do not confuse about predicted features for not each and every feature is not there with the true version. if you want to download iOS 14, stay tuned until Apple decided to make it a public version. However, here is everything you should know.

ios 14

Features of iOS 14

  • Widgets

This is not a completely new topic for iOS users. But of course, we have something new at this time too to welcome with iOS 14. Widgets are a great feature when it comes to Android and Windows. There will be widgets in different sizes. And bring details in seconds.

  • New compact UI

Want your incoming call on a compact bar? So you have to wait for iOS 14. The notification will display at the top of the device screen. So the entire screen will not waste just because of an incoming call thanks to this feature.

  • App Library

This would be great for those who wish to keep their devices clean and tidy. All similar apps can collect into a folder and arrange them into various categories like Creativity, Entertainment, Apple Arcade and Social. If you cannot find the app that you want to launch, just use the given search bar.

  • Messages with enhancements

Apple is going to apply new features for Messages as well. You can keep tabs for important chats. And pin conversations that you want to keep closer.

  • Built-in translation

If you are a traveler or else often want to translate languages, this will be the best feature in iOS 14. There are many languages for you to use with your voice clips. The translation will rapidly display on the screen.

  • Updates for Maps app

It seems Apple wants to update the Maps app at this time too. Cyclist details are expanded. The app will automatically arrange cyclists through lanes of bikes, paths and all bike-friendly paths. If you wish to know busy streets, just tap and see so you can ignore such roads.

  • Advanced Siri

Siri always comes up with enhanced features. Thus, Apple did not miss it when turning to iOS 14. This is about something far from the compact UI. And now, Siri is far from the digital assistant and that offered a few years back. If you will wish to send an audio message, Siri will let you send it in addition to send a text.

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