How to delete Cydia?

What does it mean to delete Cydia from your iPhone or iPad? If any of you need to end your jailbreak journey and bring all those formal status of the iPhone operating system once more, you can delete Cydia and simply make your device a non-jailbreak one. All it takes a few minutes when you know what exactly you have to do. However, when you are with the correct guidance, you can simply and rapidly go back to the stock frame of Apple. In this brief story, we will let you know how to unjailbreak your device without any complications. Here we go.

delete cydia

How to Delete Cydia?

In order to remove things, you installed and changed on your device with jailbreak permission, there should be a perfect unjailbreak method. Of course, there we have a couple of methods that any user can pick up one of them as they prefer. From the very beginning of jailbreak, iTunes was a successful use that turned jailbroken devices back to normal. But what you should remember is that there are a few issues when you are ready to unjailbreak your device. If you need to remove jailbreak status from an older iOS version and still wish to stay at the same place while removing changes related to jailbreak, it is a little risky for iTunes swiftly suggest the latest iOS version to the device. For such serious reasons, we suggest you go through the Cydia impactor/Eraser feature offered by Jay Freeman.

Cydia Eraser is a perfect unjailbreak method that has no flow. It will not set you to the latest iOS version either. So you can simply remove jailbreak changes and remain at the same edition from then as well. And the best part of Cydia eraser is, the system will completely clean during unjailbreak operation and the user will gain a perfectly cleaned handset.

Wrapping up

By the way, we wrote about two popular methods to delete Cydia, that you can go through and find out the best way for you. But of course, there are some other third-party tools offered by developers that you can refer to. In my opinion, use those two methods and you can turn for the rest if you still do not meet the best way. Remember that delete Cydia means you remove jailbreak status and even all that related to it. And everything will set to normal. 

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