Complete guide to ChromeCast jailbreak

In my opinion, Chromecast is the way to bring your HDTV into a perfect machine that takes you away from the odd frame to a completely new world of streaming. It is apparently a dongle to connect your device. But its performance cannot measure with its outer shell. When you come to Chromecast jailbreak, it becomes more powerful and stable than previous. If you were there to make sure which is the best between ChromeCast and ATV, let it play as a jailbroken device and bring them all just in one device. You can let your Chrome Cast run a newly designed version of Google TV OS throughout. So we call it jailbreaking.

chromecast jailbreak

Chromecast jailbreak guide

How to prepare?

  • Bring and prepare the Google Chromecast device right away
  • Download and keep the USB Image through a proper link
  • A USB Flash drive. It should be with at least 128 MB space
  • Compile a Micro USB OTG power cable

The procedure

  • Format the arranged flash driver
  • Download and arrange the specific zip file
  • And then extract the file named gtyhacker-chromecast.bin
  • Now, set up the image that you downloaded on your flash drive with syntax – dd if=gtvhacker-chromecast.bin of=/devsdX bs=1024
  • Connect the female port of the OTG cable to the flash drive
  • And then connect it to the Chrome cast
  • Press the key of the chrome cast while you plug the power cable at the same time
  • And make sure that there is one on the display on the flashlight as you have to see that the device restart after the kernel has been executed
  • A jailbroken version will perfectly stand instead of your previous version. Make sure that the Chromecast reboot normally

Important: The final part of the jailbreak operation will take several minutes. You must let it process normally without point your finger to change anything. And remember that this process completely renews your Chrome Cast and replace a new version.

Wrapping up

As we clarified, a Chromecast can stand there for you to spend your leisure usefully. It is great in many ways. When it comes to jailbroken, there is more than that. You can easily make the dongle a perfect device with advanced features using jailbreak. And for it is not complicated, anyone can advance the performance of their Chromecast simply using this. Remember to go through patiently since you are dealing with the entire device of your device.

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