How to jailbreak iPhone XS Max?

Want to jailbreak iPhone XS Max? Here is everything you should know. Jailbreak whatever device running whatever iOS version is not that easy for you should make sure there is a compatible public tool. Although you may get to know there is a possible way, having a public tool is important. If you wish to jailbreak your beloved iPhone XS Max, you have to find out the very own application and that available for your device model.

jailbreak iphone xs max

Jailbreak iPhone XS Max

It was 2018 that we welcomed the device to the public starting with iOS 12. And now, it is been two years and we are getting ready to go through iOS 14 as well. Thus, all those tools that we passed so far will support you to bring Cydia on your device without any barrier.

In recent times, it was Unc0ver jailbreak that comes as the compatible utility for iPhone XS Max running iOS 13. Though we had Checkra1n as the first jailbreak of iOS 13, it could not support devices with advanced hardware uses after iPhone X. Thus, even at this moment, it is Unc0ver as the only application that you have to apply for the 13th OS. But, there is one more thing. If you are with iOS 13.5.1 or alter, unfortunately, Unc0ver could not update their tool after Apple patches the security hole.

Download iOS 14 for iPhone XS Max

If you wish to download iOS 14 on your iPhone XS Max, it is better to stay tuned. There will be several beta versions and end all of them with the Golden Master beta. And then the major version will drop to the audience. But remember that there is no evidence either and that confirms the possibility of iPhone XS Max jailbreak. But Checkra1n proved that their tool will be able to upgrade to iOS 14 too. If you are with an iPhone X or lower, you will lucky enough to capture them.

Wrapping up

Jailbreak iDevices is an interesting story when you follow accurate directions and know where you should go. Users with iPhone XS Max and the other after iPhone X better to stay away from versions after iOS 13.5.1 for they still do not have a proper jailbreak tool for devices away from A5 to A11. However, for we already started the journey of iOS 14, let’s patiently stay there until a perfect direction will uncover.

How to jailbreak and download Cydia for iOS 14?

iOS and iPadOS 14  going to become the next enormous chapter for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As often, the first developer beta launched to those who have been registered. It can collect from the developer portal of Apple if you are a registered developer. However, we can encounter a long list of amazing features such as Widgets for Home, App library, App clips, Compact user interface for Siri and Picture in Picture. There will be all devices that used iOS 13 including the approaching iPhone 12. If you wish to download iOS 14 as a jailbreaker, go through the narration we are going to unwrap. Here we go.

ios 14

How to download iOS 14?

Want to download iOS 14 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? According to reliable reports, Apple decided to launch the vast iOS chapter in October this year for the WWDC event too drawn to the end of June. However, at this moment, it is iOS 14 developer beta that can welcome on devices but with minimum requirements. First of all, you must be a developer who registered as a developer at Apple with a paid Apple ID.

Can I download Cydia for iOS 14?

If you wish to jailbreak the approaching iOS 14, make sure that there is a separate jailbreak tool. But at this instant, it is pointless looking for such a tool because of its beta status. During betas, we cannot wish to capture public jailbreak tools.

However, Checkra1n is a great jailbreaker with perfect releases that we used during the heavy iOS 13 as well. Because of the used exploit call checkm8, it can supports devices contain A5 to A11 hardware kits. Because of the requirement, it is iPhone X as the highest device model that can reach. However, the best detail is that we got to know there is a proven Checkra1n jailbreak photo showing that iOS 14 could perfectly bring Cydia on an iPhone X. So we hopefully stay tuned to welcome such an amazing jailbreak as soon as possible. Because we yet to go through some further beta releases, it is not that easy to confirm how the story will resolve.

Wrapping up

By the way, the release of a new iOS chapter may not turn into a good deal at all for jailbreakers. But it is really great to hear at least Checkra1n can support to go through the upcoming iOS 14. Since it is too early to clarify further points, stay tuned till the end of the long beta array.

Exciting new features of iOS 14

We are glad to bring you the newest iOS 14 and that Apple finally unwrapped as the operating system of the year. There are amazing features, enhancements and security updates that will be on your hands from now onwards. But do not confuse about predicted features for not each and every feature is not there with the true version. if you want to download iOS 14, stay tuned until Apple decided to make it a public version. However, here is everything you should know.

ios 14

Features of iOS 14

  • Widgets

This is not a completely new topic for iOS users. But of course, we have something new at this time too to welcome with iOS 14. Widgets are a great feature when it comes to Android and Windows. There will be widgets in different sizes. And bring details in seconds.

  • New compact UI

Want your incoming call on a compact bar? So you have to wait for iOS 14. The notification will display at the top of the device screen. So the entire screen will not waste just because of an incoming call thanks to this feature.

  • App Library

This would be great for those who wish to keep their devices clean and tidy. All similar apps can collect into a folder and arrange them into various categories like Creativity, Entertainment, Apple Arcade and Social. If you cannot find the app that you want to launch, just use the given search bar.

  • Messages with enhancements

Apple is going to apply new features for Messages as well. You can keep tabs for important chats. And pin conversations that you want to keep closer.

  • Built-in translation

If you are a traveler or else often want to translate languages, this will be the best feature in iOS 14. There are many languages for you to use with your voice clips. The translation will rapidly display on the screen.

  • Updates for Maps app

It seems Apple wants to update the Maps app at this time too. Cyclist details are expanded. The app will automatically arrange cyclists through lanes of bikes, paths and all bike-friendly paths. If you wish to know busy streets, just tap and see so you can ignore such roads.

  • Advanced Siri

Siri always comes up with enhanced features. Thus, Apple did not miss it when turning to iOS 14. This is about something far from the compact UI. And now, Siri is far from the digital assistant and that offered a few years back. If you will wish to send an audio message, Siri will let you send it in addition to send a text.

What’s new with Cydia 1.1.35?

Hello jailbreakers! We are glad to remind you that we could finally arrive in iOS 13.5.1 as the highest jailbroken version using Checkra1n. For it brought a patch for the Unc0ver jailbreak method, it is Checkra1n as the only tool that perfectly passes the version. However, this is about an update and that Cydia brought as a crash fix and that related to hardware keyboards. Although you are with whatever tool, Cydia is the most important thing that you must keep your eyes. Here is what’s new with Cydia 1.1.35.

cydia 1.1.35

What’s new with Cydia 1.1.35?

It is great as we got to know that Cydia arrived with a new update a few days back for those who are jailbroken. In accordance with the release note, the recent update has been fixed the app crash when users come up with a hardware keyboard on iDevices running 13.5 as opposed to using the OS’s built-in software keyboard.

If you are confused, do not worry for we are going to share everything clearly. If you remember, there was a similar offer a couple of weeks back to adjust issues of the same iOS and iPadOS 13.5. But, there were a few further issues after the update arrived.

The importance of the update

Experts say that it is important to upgrade to the latest version if you are still with Cydia package manager. If you are a jailbroken user running 13.5 and use a hardware keyboard than the software keyboard of iOS, this is a very important update to collect right away.

It is good to collect this right away rather than escape from because of the significance standing that even clearly clarified by experts. It is better to consider if you are running the noted iOS or iPadOS version.

Wrapping up

We know how great and impressive knowing there is a new jailbreak or Cydia update. It is important when you are a user of the Cydia alternative Sileo package manager. Remember that this is not about which tool you went through. The recent Cydia 1.1.35 update is everything about better support for those who wish stable coverage.

If you do not a jailbreak user at the moment, do not miss this opportunity to chase all the latest iOS releases. Even you may have to wait for the Unc0ver tool; Checkra1n will support you because of its special exploit that we call Checkm8.

Download the best iOS 13.5 jailbreak tweaks

We are going to narrate an interesting story that you would love to bookmark. Since we all know that Unc0ver, Checkra1n and Ra1nUSB are the tools that available for iOS 13.5, those who could not turn their devices into jailbroken can now go through one of the tools and simply bring Cydia on their devices. Unfortunately, experts warn that it is better to stay far from the recent iOS 13.5.1 for it is known as a version with important and crucial security features. However, here is the list of best iOS 13.5 jailbreak tweaks that you must have on your iDevice.

iOS 13.5 jailbreak tweaks

Top iOS 13.5 jailbreak tweaks

First of all, check your device status since it should be jailbroken to collect these tweaks on your device. If yet to jailbreak iOS 13.5, you can go through one of the recommended tools that clarified above and bring these right away. Here we go.

  • AnsweringMachine XS 1.2-6
  • BatteryLife
  • ByeHomeBottomBarX
  • CallBar X
  • CocoaTop
  • Flame
  • Harpy
  • LetMeBlock
  • OTADisabler
  • PullOver Pro
  • Relocate 0.1.1
  • Shuffle
  • TikTok God
  • Whoops
  • Activator
  • BioProtect XS
  • Cask 2
  • Cercube
  • ChatSpeaker
  • Flame
  • Haptic Keys
  • HideBarX
  • LocalIAOStore 13
  • Liberty Lite
  • NoFlashlight Wake
  • OneNotify
  • Prysm
  • PencilChargingIndicator
  • Rocket
  • Relocate Application 0.1.0
  • Selector
  • SmallSiri
  • TouchFlow
  • TinyBanner 2
  • Velox Reloaded
  • Wi-Fi Passwords
  • AOD
  • Barmoji
  • CC On & Off
  • ChargingBubbles
  • Deluminator
  • Flex 3
  • HapticPasscode
  • HideLabels13
  • LibertyLite Beta 0.2.12
  • Little11
  • NtSpeed
  • OnlineNotify
  • PhotoData 12
  • PowerMenuX (All Devices)
  • RecordAnywhere
  • Relocate Module (Control Center) 0.1.1
  • SnowBoard
  • SmartLight
  • TFDidThatSay?
  • T9Dialer
  • VolVibves
  • WeatherGround
  • Apps Manager
  • BetterCCXI
  • CCLinker
  • Cylinder
  • Evanesco
  • Filza File Manager 64-bit
  • Half
  • iCleaner and iCleaner Pro
  • KeySwipe
  • Live Rings
  • MirrorSelfie
  • PowerModule
  • PhoneScroll
  • QuickPrefs
  • ReProvision
  • RepoFinder
  • Shark
  • SmoothCursor iOS 13
  • TapTapFlip
  • Twitter++
  • VolSkip11
  • Xen HTML
  • Zenith
  • Applocker
  • B3rry
  • CCModules
  • Complications
  • Faces Pro
  • FiveDock 13
  • Groovify
  • JellyFish
  • KernBypass
  • MiscSettings
  • MImport
  • Pivot
  • PowerSelector
  • Quart
  • Rhino
  • SmallSiri
  • Settings Widget
  • Sposify
  • SwipeForMore
  • TweakConfigurator
  • UnSub
  • XenInfo
  • Zebra
  • Appaze 2
  • Batchomatic
  • BrowserDefault
  • CarBridge
  • Choicy
  • Filza & Filza Plus
  • FloatyDock
  • Kalm
  • Mega UHB
  • PowerApp
  • RealKeys
  • Safari Plus
  • StatusViz
  • TweakCompatible
  • YouTube Tools

Wrapping up

Since this is just a couple of best Cydia tweaks that we picked up, you may have some other that we missed. Add all and enjoy your jailbroken version. But remember not to upgrade to iOS 13.5.1 for it is not a version that you can jailbreak. The newest security keys that Apple brought through iOS 13.5.1 seem to be hard and serious. Still, there is no any detail from hackers at least to confirm that 13.5.1 too can turn into jailbroken.

What are the best iOS 10 tweaks Cydia?

Want to bring amazing Cydia tweaks on your iOS 10 running device? Since it was Yalu as the first-ever public jailbreak release of the jailbreak community for iOS 10.0, we suggest the latest version of Yalu to apply on your iDevice and turn it into jailbroken. Although you may capture Cydia alternatives, remember that there is no other way to bring the actual Cydia app store on any iPhone or iPad without jailbreak. And then, you can bring those interesting iOS 10 tweaks Cydia on your device without any other barrier.

iOS 10 tweaks cydia

iOS 10 Tweaks Cydia using Yalu

As we all know, there is a dedication tool for each iOS version that we have to find out and go through in order to bring Cydia perfectly. So, it is Yalu as the recommended tool for iOS 10. If you wish to install jailbreak apps on your iDevice, you have to go through Yalu and then navigate to tweaks.

The list of top iOS 10 Tweaks Cydia

  • Activator

In my opinion, Activator is one of the significant tweaks that must have on your iDevice to bring a heap of gestures to move through customizations.

  • BioProtect

If you were worried about unauthorized access to your device, the tweak BioProtect will help you at the end. It will suggest the passcode or Touch ID enter settings, folders, apps, turn off and many further.

  • CCButtonActions

The Control Center will receive a new arrangement of 3D touch. So you can use 3D Touch gestures on toggles and simply go to dedicated panels.

  • Cream 2

We all know that Cream 2 brings us an Apple Watch inspired feature. Using the tweak, we can colorize toggles on our Control Center.

  • Cylinder

When you switch from page to another, Cylinder will let you see that your icons are animated. And there are dozens of effects that you can apply as you wish.

  • Eclipse 4

There is no doubt that most of you know what is Eclipse. Of course, it is the app that we can use to apply a dark theme to our device that even can use as a safety tip when you use the device at night.

  • ForceInPicture

Have you ever heard the Picture-in-Picture feature on several iPad models? Using this tweak, you can add the same feature on any of your jailbroken iPhone.

These are just a few that we picked up from our favorite and top-rated tweaks list. If you have more, add them too here and enjoy being jailbroken.

Apple released the Golden Master of iOS 13.5

After a long beta journey, Apple decided to make iOS 13.5 a public version. Therefore, we received its Golden Master version a couple of hours back. And now, it is time to check out the all-new Covid-19 related OS chapter on your device if you were waiting so far to welcome it. The complete public version will shortly expose to all compatible devices. Here are a few things about the Golden Master version that you should cover before Download iOS 13.5. Here we go.

download ios 13.5

Download iOS 13.5 with new features

It was the Exposure Notification system behind iOS 13.5 as one of the most highlighted updates during its beta session. It turned into a feature as a result of the combination of Google. The aim was to fight against the spread of the Novel Corona Virus. So the new version will bring useful code that will run related applications.

If we turned back, the initial developer beta of 13.4.5 brought us a simple approach to share music on Instagram and Facebook stories. This will be able to discuss once more when Apple launches 13.5 to the audience.

And not only that, we have more. There are a few important points that we should not miss. This will write as the version that brought Automatic Prominence for Group FaceTime. So, the one who talks during the group call will not suddenly come to the large frame. And also, we have Face ID as an advanced feature in iOS 13.5. So when iOS 13.5 will be on your devices, you can skip Face ID and use passcode additionally when you are with a facemask. All these features that we talked about were there behind beta releases. And now it is time to keep calm and wait for the next public seed.

Wrapping up

Are you ready to bring iOS 13.5 on your iPhone, iPod or iPad? We are glad to inform you that it already turned into a Golden Master among developers. Within a few days, it will turn in to a considerable public offer that regular users can try out. Do not miss this chance to update with features that even address the Covid-19 pandemic. The usual methods that we often use when a new version is there as IPSW installation and Over The Air will open for all. Backup your current version and be prepared for the next large release of iOS 13.0.

iOS 13.5 jailbreak – Everything you should know

We are with the beta session of iOS 13.5 and waiting for its public seed as soon as possible. Even it is known as a version that designed for the Covid-19 pandemic, it may take a few further days or maybe hours from here. Somehow, we wish to come across iOS 13.5 jailbreak on our devices once Apple turns it into a complete offer. However, 13.5 is the sixth major release to the 13th iPhone OS with several remarkable updates to address users who wish significant support through their iDevice.

ios 13.5 jailbreak

Checkra1n for iOS 13.5 jailbreak

We too excited to know if the Checkra1n team will be there behind 13.5 as well as the first jailbreaker who supported iOS 13.0. But as it is just a prediction, do not take it seriously that Checkra1n will support 13.5.

According to current details about jailbreakling, Checkra1n is our hope to see with future releases as well because of their exploit that used and that can apply on devices that based. But up to here, there is no good detail that we can chase about their support for future releases.

Cydia behind iOS 13.5 jailbreak

Of course, Cydia is what we wish to capture from any jailbreak. Since the day that jailbreakers offered Sileo as the only alternative to Cydia, we start to wish one of them on our jailbroken devices. However, at this instant, all we have is an alternative to Cydia and not the actual app store that we can bring Tweaks through. For that reason, it is pointless looking for Cydia when we proved that there is no public jailbreak tool either. As a hand to hand offer of jailbreaking, it is fair that we cannot expect Cydia without a proper jailbreak method.

Wrapping up

If you were looking for iOS 13.5 to upgrade your device, just keep in mind that Apple did not confirm that the version is completed. Thus, we cannot upgrade or wish to get closer to its jailbreak tool. We are in a serious situation reminding that we have to stay a few more days to see how hackers will resolve it. Although some reports highlight Unc0ver and Checkra1n tools behind 13.5, we did not see any of those developers promised to publicize a possible jailbreak for any version after 13.4.1. As I suggest, you better stick around older jailbroken versions as it may not that easy to bring back if Apple will close sign in doors.

About Jailbreak Roblox- The Best Gaming Platform

Are you a big fan of games? Then Roblox would not be a strange term for you. So what do you guys know about this amazing gaming platform? Here we are covering the hit title on the platform as Jailbreak Roblox. So know about how this works for you together with some important guidelines. Read on.

Jailbreak Roblox

Introduction to Roblox

Roblox is an online game platform. This is something different from playing a game as this is a platform where users are allowed to design their own games at the same time playing a wide range of different games under different names. Any user can create games on their own and any user can play any game at your desire. The platform is hosted by user-generated games.

You will get virtual worlds there, with a range of genres, and also with most favorite racing to role-playing games. In simple, Roblox is where different people come and meet different gaming options. The popularity it holds is proven with Roblox gaining over 100 million monthly active users as of the records by 2019. Then why not be a part of it?

Jailbreak Roblox

Jailbreak Roblox

As we said, you meet various contents inside Roblox. And one that holds extreme popularity is Jailbreak Roblox.

As we find in records, Roblox Jailbreak is by a 19-year-old developer Alex “Badcc”. This comes as a big hit in the Roblox platform. And his extreme love for programming games and passion have made jailbreak Roblox this much success in the end.

His target here going through jailbreak is having no tutorials. So he was here thinking of the usual ideas with police and prisoners. Simply, he is here bringing the real-world conflict into a game. So without any tutorials, the game goes well. We find this collage boy putting his best game programming skills into jailbreak while his partner adds a little more of 3D into the game. The combination finally leaves the game in a super finish. He has released it to the platform back in 2017and has found it an instant hit on the platform.

You have access to Roblox for free. And once you are in, there are plentiful of free and paid stuff to enjoy. Jailbreak is a paid game. But as to the developer, it has various options to upgrade vehicles, costumes, and also buy virtual currency. So it makes money inside the game to make your experience better. So give it a try!

How to add BigBoss Repo on Cydia?

BigBoss Repository is one of the well-known sources among jailbreakers. Cydia app store is not just about tweaks as we have to add repos that we wish to collect tweaks through. Sometimes BigBoss will not in your repository list for some reason. But, we can add it manually there. Rather than introduce this as a famed repo, it is better to know that this is the place where new jailbreakers can find out simple and easy stuff without wander everywhere. Thus, in my opinion, BigBoss is of the significance and must have repositories on every jailbroken device even as an expert.

So we will guide you through how to add BigBoss Repo on Cydia and Sileo app stores respectively. Here we go.

add bigboss repo on cydia

Add BigBoss Repo on Cydia

  • Go to the Cydia app and launch it
  • Now go to More Packages Sources panel which is at the bottom of the interface
  • The next window will open the list of sources
  • You should find out the Big Boss Repo there
  • Confirm the popup message that reminds you to add repositories at your own risk
  • Once find out the BigBoss repo there, tap on it and install

Sometimes you may not be able to find out the repository from the list. But still, you can arrange it as one of your sources as follow.

  • Open Cydia app and go to Sources option
  • And then select Edit > Add options
  • Once a text box will open, you should type accurately. If any single of the URL is incorrect, the entire process will not pass
  • And then select Add Source option
  • So the repo will add to the Cydia repository list

Add BigBoss repo on Sileo

  • Launch the Sileo app on your device
  • Go to Sources tab right away
  • You will see a + mark on the top right corner of the interface. So, simply tap on it
  • A text box will open that you have to enter the certain URL of the repository there
  • You can copy and paste or else type it there accurately
  • Once complete, select Add Source key and remain a few minutes for Sileo to add the repo to your list

Important: When you are with Sileo and add BigBoss Repo in it, there should be an error 404 message. But you have nothing to do with it. Just ignore it. Tap the Done button and end the process.