Best Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad

Jailbreak is an amazing status that you can come across using a recommended tool and that compatible with your iPhone/iPad and the running iOS version. Thanks to developer those who chase and dedicatedly play their role in the battle between Apple and jailbreakers, we are lucky enough to download Cydia as the world’s largest third-party app store for Apple iOS. You can encounter Cydia tweaks, themes and many stuff throughout. We will narrate a list including a couple of best Cydia tweaks that you must grasp. Here we go.

best cydia tweaks

The list of best Cydia tweaks


I write iFile as the first Cydia Tweak on my best jailbreak apps list. There is no doubt that this is one of the apps that you must install on your device just after jailbreak it. You can use this to manage your files easily by deleting them, add, modify or whatever with a few clicks. It is a very useful app that you must try if you missed it so far.


This is a perfect and interesting app. Just install FaceDown on your device. And then you can simply keep the device on the table by lying its face down to lock it without using a button. This can be used to end phone calls, snooze alarms and so on. If you want to wake up the device, simply pick up the device from the table.

Eclipse 3

Eclipse 3 is an interesting Tweak for those who love to see dark mode on their apps. Although most apps like Messenger give you an option to arrange dark mode on your device, still there are some apps you might love to see with. Thus, install this tweak and bring them all to dark mode.


CallBar is our next suggestion as another interesting and popular feature. Your call will only display on a bar if there is a call during your work on your device. So the entire display will not cover with details of the caller to bother your current task.


This is the next Cydia Tweak and that based on gestures. Arrange gestures using Activator is really supportive and interesting.

Springtomize 3

This is another popular tweak that lets you encounter a couple of features just with one installation. When you have Sprintomize 3, you are free to install several apps to accomplish various features. Just use this to customize the operating system easier than ever. 

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