How to add BigBoss Repo on Cydia?

BigBoss Repository is one of the well-known sources among jailbreakers. Cydia app store is not just about tweaks as we have to add repos that we wish to collect tweaks through. Sometimes BigBoss will not in your repository list for some reason. But, we can add it manually there. Rather than introduce this as a famed repo, it is better to know that this is the place where new jailbreakers can find out simple and easy stuff without wander everywhere. Thus, in my opinion, BigBoss is of the significance and must have repositories on every jailbroken device even as an expert.

So we will guide you through how to add BigBoss Repo on Cydia and Sileo app stores respectively. Here we go.

add bigboss repo on cydia

Add BigBoss Repo on Cydia

  • Go to the Cydia app and launch it
  • Now go to More Packages Sources panel which is at the bottom of the interface
  • The next window will open the list of sources
  • You should find out the Big Boss Repo there
  • Confirm the popup message that reminds you to add repositories at your own risk
  • Once find out the BigBoss repo there, tap on it and install

Sometimes you may not be able to find out the repository from the list. But still, you can arrange it as one of your sources as follow.

  • Open Cydia app and go to Sources option
  • And then select Edit > Add options
  • Once a text box will open, you should type accurately. If any single of the URL is incorrect, the entire process will not pass
  • And then select Add Source option
  • So the repo will add to the Cydia repository list

Add BigBoss repo on Sileo

  • Launch the Sileo app on your device
  • Go to Sources tab right away
  • You will see a + mark on the top right corner of the interface. So, simply tap on it
  • A text box will open that you have to enter the certain URL of the repository there
  • You can copy and paste or else type it there accurately
  • Once complete, select Add Source key and remain a few minutes for Sileo to add the repo to your list

Important: When you are with Sileo and add BigBoss Repo in it, there should be an error 404 message. But you have nothing to do with it. Just ignore it. Tap the Done button and end the process.

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