Updates on iOS 13.1.1 Jailbreak

If you are into jailbreaking no matter what you have given by Apple, you must be a fan around iOS 13.1.1jailbreak. In fact, the recent news in the community is “checkm8” which has proven possible on iPhone X running iOS 13.1.1. Although we are not confirmed about a new tool release, this could possibly lead to a new update into the community. So let us take a quick look at everything around checkm8 exploit.

iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak

About checkm8 exploit

Checkm8 is an exploit revealed out to the public by developer @Axi0mX. This is very special as it is the first bootrom exploit released to the public after 2010. As to the records, checkm8 exploits work on a wide range of device models starting from iPhone to iPhone X. And as with Axi0mX’s recent tweet, he has successfully discovered jailbreak on iPhone X running iOS 13.1.1. And all these have happened just in a few seconds after it has come in the verbose boot screen. So this is fairly a powerful piece of work by the developer showing iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak support.

All updates on iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak

One of the significant facts about the Checkm8 exploit is its bootrom nature. So Apple cannot easily patch the exploit with another software update over iOS 13.1.1. If they want that to happen, they should recall all the devices and apply a hardware update on all the devices which is obviously impossible. In that way, checkm8 is a big opportunity for jailbreak developers to keep on working for a new tool release. And as been announced to the public, it is open for all the developers to work. Simply the exploit guarantees the jailbreak ability on the latest iOS 13.1.1 Apple now signs.

iOS updates: Apple has recently updated iOS 13.1.2 to the public together with iPad OS 13.1.2. The update focuses more on bug fixes and bringing a better overall performance on the Apple device

What will you find in iOS jailbreak ahead?

As for the moment, iOS 12.4 is the latest jailbreakable firmware thanks to both Chimera and Unc0ver jailbreak tools. And with notice all the updates so far, we could expect something better in the coming days especially in focused the new checkm8 exploit by Axi0mX. So if you want to be a part of the jailbreak story, you can still hold on with hopes. And soon once we get something new, we will write back to you soon. But make sure you stay on the lowest possible as it could increase the chance of jailbreak.